Season 1, Episode 1

The History of Mercy Ships

Co-hosts Ally Jones and Raeanne Newquist sat down with Don and Deyon Stephens, the founders of Mercy Ships, to hear the about the initial dream and early days of building Mercy Ships. You will be inspired to dream big and persevere through struggle to see your dreams realized.

Hosts & Guests

Raeanne Newquist

Ally Jones

Don Stephens

Deyon Stephens

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Episode Show Notes

Don and Deyon Stephens are an inspiring couple who are the founders of Mercy Ships. In this episode, Ally Jones and Raeanne Newquist sat down with them to get a little history lesson about the early days of Mercy Ships.

How did this unique vision of putting hospitals on ships come about?

What were some challenges that came up and how did they overcome them?

Now, over 40 years later, Don and Deyon still help guide the mission of Mercy Ships and anchor the organization in the rich history and solid vision that keep the ships on course. Through their story, you will be encouraged to dream big and inspired to follow your unique calling.

Don has authored three books: Ships of Mercy, Mandate for Mercy, and Trial by Trial.