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A brand new podcast by Mercy Ships where we’ll take you behind the scenes and onboard our incredible hospital ships that are changing lives all over the world.

New Mercies

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You’ve always said “One Day…”
Make that day today.

If you’ve always wanted to use your unique talent and skills to transform lives and make your mark on the world, we’ve got an opportunity for you. The work of Mercy Ships impacts the lives of many  – patients, families, and volunteers. It’s a transformative experience that enables personal and professional growth, and we’re looking for you to join us. Come aboard and find your crew.

About Mercy Ships

Globally, 5 billion people lack access to safe surgery. Children, teens, and adults suffer and die every day from treatable causes, and one child in eight will die before age 5. Through the deployment of the world’s largest civilian hospital ships, the Africa Mercy and the Global Mercy, we combat this overwhelming statistic. Since over 50% of the world’s population lives near a coast, our ships are the best way to reach them with state-of-the-art medical care. Mercy Ships offers holistic support to developing nations striving to make healthcare accessible for all.

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Meet The Hosts

Raeanne Newquist

Raeanne Newquist

“We truly hope this podcast inspires you to go serve those in need and leave a lasting impact on the world around you.”

Ally Jones

Ally Jones

“I’m constantly amazed at the incredible stories of transformation throughout Mercy Ships history. I can’t wait to share these with you!”

Ally Jones and Raeanne Newquist first met onboard the Africa Mercy in Dakar, Senegal while volunteering alongside their families. Ally’s family had a tradition of going out for shawarma on Sundays in the countries where they were serving. An invitation from the Jones family to the Newquist family to join them for “Shawarma Sunday” began a friendship. Currently Ally and Raeanne are back in their home countries of England and the United States, serving Mercy Ships remotely, and thrilled to partner on this new project together.

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We want to hear from you! Want to know something specific about life on the ship? Or wondering what it is like to eat, sleep, play and live with your co-workers?  Send us your questions and we’ll try to answer them in an episode.

New Mercies

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